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Address: B7 Building, Unit 1, 1st Floor, Jiucun Jointly-built Houses, Xijie Street, Longquan, Lishui, Zhejiang, China



Welcome to Jpsword!

Our philosophy is to sell only authentic katana swords crafted in our forge by master blacksmiths. With decades of sword forging experience, we offer you authentic katana swords.

We are passionate about katana swords and Japanese culture, and through our website we want to share this passion with you as authentically as possible.

Our katana can be completely disassembled, allowing you to appreciate every part of the sword, including Tsuba (iron trim), Habaki (back), Fuchi (hilt), Kashira (hilt), Sageo (strap), and more.

We offer a variety of steels, styles, forging types, and sizes to meet your Japanese knife dream needs.

If you want to buy a real katana sword with all the naming details, you’ve come to the right place. Our carbon steel blades are made from Clay Hamon, razor sharpened, engraved and hand carved.

Explore our catalog of hundreds of unique hand-forged katana swords and we’ll ship them right to your home. welcome!

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