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Address: B7 Building, Unit 1, 1st Floor, Jiucun Jointly-built Houses, Xijie Street, Longquan, Lishui, Zhejiang, China


My Story

Hello, I am John Anderson, and my Japanese name is 田中健太郎 (Takahiro Tanaka). As an American, I have always been curious about and respectful of Japanese culture and traditions. Especially the values represented by the samurai spirit have attracted me. Therefore, I decided to go to Japan to personally learn about the katana and delve into this ancient and mysterious culture.

The moment I arrived in Japan, I felt a unique atmosphere. After visiting a professional katana shop, I decided to find a traditional katana master to learn this ancient art from. I found a master named Mr. Tanaka, an experienced katana smith. His workshop was located in a peaceful village surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. I expressed my admiration for the katana and the samurai spirit to him, hoping to become his apprentice.

Mr. Tanaka accepted my request and began my training. He taught me how to select suitable materials, forge and polish the blade, and assemble the hilt. He not only imparted technical knowledge to me but also shared many stories about the history and culture of the katana.

During the learning process, I gradually understood the essence of the samurai spirit. I saw how Mr. Tanaka treated each blade with reverence and meticulousness. He told me that crafting a katana is not just a display of technique but also a continuation of tradition and spirit.

Over time, I began to grasp the core values of the samurai spirit. Loyalty, courage, honor, self-discipline, and humility became a part of my life. I learned to respect others, uphold my principles, and remain calm and steadfast in the face of difficulties.

Finally, I completed my first katana. When I held it, I felt an indescribable power. It was not just a sword; it represented my understanding and respect for Japanese culture and the samurai spirit.

Through learning the katana, I not only acquired a skill but, more importantly, I found inner peace and determination. I was deeply moved by the samurai spirit, which became a bright light guiding me towards higher realms in my life.

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