Hasunohana Katana 蓮の花
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Hasunohana Katana 蓮の花


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Our Hasunohana Katana 蓮の花 is a unique piece, as it has a carved copper scabbard and traditional designs. Its handle is also made of carved copper. Regarding its blade, it is made of reddish Damascus, offering a unique style.

This Katana can be perfectly suitable for decoration and collection, and it will have no worries to practice cutting on Tatami.

Blade color

Reddish highlights

Material Damascus Steel
Guard (Tsuba 鍔)

Finely carved iron

Scabbard (Saya 鞘)

Hand carved copper

Handle (tsuka 柄)

Shagreen Leather

Length with scabbard


Length of the blade


Blade thickness 0.30(in)
Length of the handle 10.2(in)
Width of the blade 1.2(in)