Hideyoshi Katana 秀吉
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Hideyoshi Katana 秀吉


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Damascus steel pattern Ladder

Polished by a master

Guard (Tsuba 鍔)

High-quality, finely sculpted copper

Scabbard (Saya 鞘)

On the red lacquered scabbard, we find the symbol of the Toyotomi clan created by Hideyoshi.

Tachi style mount with Obitori Kanagu Kashiwaba and Kogiri.
The rope of the Tsuka-Ito handle continues on the scabbard.

Handle (tsuka 柄)

Authentic stingray leather

High quality copper Menuki kit

2 Bamboo Mekugi

Length with scabbard


Length of the blade


Blade thickness 0.30(in)
Length of the handle 10.2(in)
Width of the blade 1.2(in)