Kogane no ō Samurai Armor
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Kogane no ō Samurai Armor


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This Samurai Armor is handmade by Masters. The armor is identical to the picture and comes with a black lacquered box and the display stand for the armor.

Each armor comes pre-equipped for a person between 1.60 and 1.85 m tall and with an average body type. The armor can be easily adjusted.

  • Fully functional armor, size: 180×76×76 cm
  • The standard size armor is suitable for people between 160 cm and 185 cm tall with an average body type.
  • Painted, high quality Odoshi cotton colors and traditional features.
  • 100% handmade by an experienced armor smith.
Headset (Kabuto 兜)

Kabuto helmet in black metal

68.5 cm long

Mask Menpo (面頬)

Black metal menpo with mustache

17 cm long

Shoulder pads (Sode ) Black metal plates laced with yellow and red rope.
Leather deck (Do 胴) Black / White / Yellow | Metal armor
Shin guards (Sunaete 臑当) Width of the upper part: 10 cm, width of the central part: 13 cm, width of the lower part: 10 cm.
Belt (Obi 帯)


2 m long

Jacket Cotton and fibers
Chest 107 cm
Size 100 cm
Armor dimensions and packaging
Dimensions 180 x 76 x 76 cm
Weight 20 Kg
Package size 63.5 x 76 x 55 cm
Weight with packaging 25 Kg