Ōku Katana オーク
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Ōku Katana オーク


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This entry-level Katana is made of refined 608 steel and a lacquered solid wood sheath. Its details like the Tsuba, Kashira or Habaki are made of carved brass.

It is perfect to learn how to cut without risking breaking the blade or to decorate an interior with an Edo style.

Blade color


Material 608 Steel
Guard (Tsuba 鍔)

Finely carved brass

Scabbard (Saya 鞘)

Solid lacquered wood

Handle (tsuka 柄)

Shagreen Leather

Length with scabbard


Length of the blade


Blade thickness 0.30(in)
Length of the handle 10.2(in)
Width of the blade 1.2(in)