Signed antique Wakizashi, Muromachi period 1508s
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Signed antique Wakizashi, Muromachi period 1508s


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Wakizashi from the Muromachi period.
The blade is engraved with the signature and the year of manufacture.
Bishuosafune Kiyomitsu / February 1508s

Tsuka-Ito and Samekawa on the handle are new and very clean. Well made.
Fuchikashira is represented by iron and gold inlaid bamboo.

The condition of the blade is also good.

Signature : Bishuosafune Kiyomitsu(備州長船清光) / February 1508 (永正五年二月日)
Blade length: 438mm (17.24inch)
Curvature: 12mm (0.47inch)
Total length: 645mm (25.39inch)
Motohaba: 25.2mm (0.99inch)
Sakihaba: 18.4mm (0.72inch)
Motokasane: 6.7mm (0.26inch)
Sakikasane: 4.7mm (0.19inch)
Blade weight: 387g
Total weight: 726g


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