Wakizashi NBTHK, Yamashirodaijo Fujiwara Yoshiyuki, Keicho-Shinto
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Wakizashi NBTHK, Yamashirodaijo Fujiwara Yoshiyuki, Keicho-Shinto


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Wakizashi of the early Edo period. Keicho-Shinto.
Comes with an official NBTHK certificate of authenticity.

The swordsman is Yamashirodaijo Fujirawa Yoshiyuki.
He was an active swordsman in the present Oita prefecture around 1660 in the early Edo period.
The blade has a difference in width between the root and the tip, which is characteristic of Keicho-Shinto.
The Wakizashi is characterized by a long and sharp Hamon.

Signature: Yamashirodaijo Fujirawa Yoshiyuki(山城大掾藤原義行)
Blade length: 532mm (20.94inch)
Curvature: 10mm (0.39inch)
Overall length: 810mm (31.89inch)
Motohaba: 29.8mm (1.17inch)
Sakihaba: 20.9mm (0.82inch)
Motokasane: 7.6mm (0.30inch)
Sakikasane: 5.6mm (0.22inch)
Blade weight: 577g
Total weight: 910g


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